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Introduction to Firemac

For over 20 years Firemac has been playing a leading role in passive fire protection across a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. We have extensive experience advising a broad range of clients on solution selection through to designing and installing fire walls and ceilings, penetration seals and ductwork protection systems. Our systems ensure that every aspect of fire protection can be met and as leading professionals in the field of fire protection Firemac offers a full technical advisory service.

Introducing FM Blue*

FM Blue is a high impact and fire resistant non - combustible composite panel comprising a central cementitious core that is faced on outer faces with specially designed corrosion resistant mechanically bonded steel.

Exceptionally fire resistant, FM Blue fire barriers provide a convenient and effective means of containing or compartmentalising a fire hazard. They can be widely incorporated into walls, doors, and ceilings to protect life, cable trunking and other sensitive supply lines for example gas or fuel, increasing fire resistance and asset protection.

FM Blue has a wide commercial & Industrial application and has been specified in processing plants, commercial & industrial buildings, petrochemical environments, warehouse & storage facilities, power generation and high traffic areas.

FM Blue has been specified on major projects for clients such as BAA, Glaxo Smith Kline, Amec, EDF, British Energy, British Telecom and London Underground.

FM Blue offers UK wide Distribution and will provide a comprehensive technical and support service.

* please see documentation

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